Monday, May 20, 2013

A Seething Sea

She set out with her morning song
in the waning hour of the moon
foot soles bare, above the salt water sea
her memories held loose, trailing beyond her dreams

She offers her silence
into the ring:
the shimmering part of her mind
rich, golden flare,
killing the years of her life
thick with gray hope,
where she lost her red heart

The pieces of sky
have fallen a long way now
She gathers them, delicately
inhaling the earliest mist of morning
swallowing each sliver, inhabiting this place

In the distance, she sees
the glimmer of her heart,
hoping to clear this aerial breeze
yet, the sea is never forgiving
its belly, plump and full
waiting for the moon to become ripe again,
the sea - ready to birth another eternity,
swallows her clean