Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Judah!

It's been fun, all the way through, with this one.

He was born sharp-witted and ready for the world.
When he was a baby, swaddled in a sling, people would stop to talk to him all the time. I remember, in particular, an old man at the market who payed no attention to me, only the baby. He said to Judah(in reference to the universe), "You've been here before, right? Even though you can't tell me, I know you know. I can see it in your eyes."
And, Judah smiled. The brilliant way that he still does. 

He is baby number three, which means he sits right in the middle of the wolf pack. And this, I believe, is what makes him a bit edgy at times. A little lazy at times. A bit dramatic and boisterous at times. 
Nonetheless, we are all inspired by his mischievous, riotous ways.

In the last few months, 
we have all been astonished by his unrestrained artistic talents. 
He is an artist. Without burden, he is loose and free-spirited with his art. 

His soft sketches, a Love and Peace van, for all of us to fit in to; the puppy, that he desires to have one day; little fat cat, because his sister loves cats so much.

His unfettered hand at monsters.
They are all sorts of demonic and mean and wild, and
he has total control over them. 

Random dudes.
Zombie Joker and other guys that sort of resemble him, in my opinion.

And my favorite, Zombie Avengers, 
the first comic book that he ever wrote. 
Stapled and published by 'Darckhors' comics. 

Recently, the most cherished part of my relationship with Judah has been our friendship. Nine is old enough to share thoughts deeply, but young enough to still sit close and read quietly together. He is quickly maturing into an understanding and kind young man who I am truly proud of.

Happy birthday to my little friend, Mahatma Judah, who I love so dearly.