Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Ode to Love

True blue.

I only have eyes for you.

Ten years, five babies. Weed, whiskey, and slayer; Down with a southern boy.
An eco-village, a few pipe dreams, a quest for the past, the primitive ways.

North Beach and a cliff house. Vegan.

Feeding off of moon-lite nights and treading on sand. Machine Head and babies in baskets. I street and the Red Vic. Dreadhead, Brother Jay, that class together. Commi Ben and all of your other homeless friends. Walking away together, breakfasts and the studio.

Gautama, Malcolm X, and the way Johnny Got His Gun. The bookstores, SF, a true anarchists plan. Zendik, Enota, Deadwood Oregon. The Evil Dead bridge.

Dracula 2000, gross, why did we go? The stage, Land Park, and that mid-summer night's dream.

Incense and ash. The bluest god we know. His third eye. Varanasi, Baphomet, and calling down the moon.

Our days before the boys and that little girl. Ten years ago.

An oath. Under a star, the moon, and ocean. The meditation cliff.

Gita, sand, hemp. Rudraksha.

Sealed. Ten years ago.

Happy Anniversary, my love.

I could only find this song live.
Anyway, enjoy...

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