Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Scribblings: Design

A Sunday Scribble with design.

The seasons of death are far behind us.

And now, an appropriate time to create a design.

With sunlight on our side,

in this season of life, an array of abundant seedlings appear,

full of curiosity and light.

For tea and honey, scones and marshmallows, and those busy little bees, lavender.

As folk wisdom shares, it is quite aromatherapeutic.

Nestled amongst a dandy crime of color.

And, with much necessity, this design for an herb garden under a Camellia sasanqua tree.

A teensy-weensy forest for Lilliputian play.

Work in progress and a burn ceremony for a later solstice.

Grass seeds and little kid seeds.

Oh how small blessings grow!

A healthy medley of mess made along the way.

For a wishful display.

With purplish hues of peppermint,

lightly scented spearmint, and leafy speckles of chocolate mint

a garden is on its way.

Thank you Sunday Scribblings for this reflection on



  1. So much life...I love your vibrant pictures. I think the Lilliputian garden is my favourite :)

  2. Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

  3. Having the sun on your side always helps..marshmallows and flowers -how lovely..your garden looks wonderful..can almost smell it too..Jae

  4. You have a beautiful garden. Great pictures

  5. Lovely mix of prose of pictures. I just love spring with the colorful flowers and bursting buds...

  6. You've obviously put in a lot of hard work and it shows in your beautiful garden.

    Your pictures & descriptions have a magical feel to them.

    Nicely done!

    Thank you for visiting my blog.