Friday, February 3, 2012

A Gift for a Sweet Friend

A friend came over to play recently.
For me, it was reason to weave and knot.
I used blue and purple and another sea color hue.
And a trinket, a swan or dove, a flower and a bird,
or whatever she may think up.
It was a happy birthday, a while back, for a sweet friend named Iris.


A note to the "rainbow" goddess.
The one who holds the castle in the air.
My compliments to her faith and wisdom. A little promise in love.
I can hear her harmonious thoughts, half way across.
With that centered eye of yours,
I can find you anywhere.

The Fleur-delis, de la fancaise.
A whole spectrum of bloom.
Whimsical and magical. Elegant.
Flowers and dust.

Golden and winged.
The sea and the sky. "The wondrous" one.
Her arch, in curtsy, between the sea and the sun.

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