Saturday, October 5, 2013

Things That I Love

The things that I love always include some sort of shimmer:

the peak of each season

the sound of a hollow planet, as snow begins to fall

crisp, sharp, horrid, delicate words

a swarm of bees

spring rain, bare feet, a lengthy kiss

capering under a star-studded sky

lavender, hops, bitter tea

a swirling fire in the middle of the woods

and the moon, 
I love most

For some reason today, I felt it was necessary to make a list.


  1. the moon luckily stays for all seasons....
    i like the textures to life you run your fingers over
    the stars def make a nice audience...

  2. The beauty of your writing is that you tease us into compliance despite its incongruities...the hollow planet, the horrid words, and your love affair with the moon. Some time ago I wrote a piece about the moon stealing the beauty of the stars when it was full especially as it was an interloper in our skies.

    I do wish you would write more often, I need the colour of your words.

  3. Such beautiful images in your words ... loved it :-)