Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sickle and Hammer Soldier


Born in an age of transformation and wonder,
under the blue-light;
the bearer of water,
he knows the eightfold path
and the four noble truths

And after twelve years, he is a true star. He has become a witty comedian, an exquisite writer, and a dramatic artist. 

A few months ago, he gave me one of his drawings: 

The Sickle and Hammer Soldier

I see a young man: worn, wounded, battered; his chest torn open, heart splattered, blue-red blood. With the memory of brighter days, green meadows; lazy summers; spring waters, he carries on. Under the red sun, he holds his inner light in perseverance. And, it is that soul who wanders beyond ease and comfort, who will eventually find the purest form of salvation. 

Happy 12th birthday
to our little


  1. beautiful...convey my birthday wishes...:-) loved this...

  2. happy birthday to your little one...
    its a hard picture...at 12 to know such a pain, but on the other hand to know we soldier on...persevere...your first verse is def full of love....

    1. Thanks, Brian. He knows a bit about the harsh realities in this world and about the sweetness of preserving our natural spirit.

  3. What a treat it is to read about your family. There is always a mixture of anticipation and sadness as your see them evolve. I can remember once when our third child was growing out of being a baby and becoming an explorer and interested in everyone and everything her older sister said "Look she is just like a human being!" Sorry I am a month late but the visit was still a joy.

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  6. What stands out to me is that the man is so detailed, but the rocky climb is not. The path is always upward, only a few steps between one steep rise and the next---and yet, it is only a line. He invested all his energy in drawing the man, not the mountain. That says a great deal about the artist. The man's character and perseverence are what matters ... not the details of what he must endure ... only that he keeps putting one boot in front of the other, ever looking forward ... but not down.

    Also of note are that 1) The bleeding has nearly stopped, so the wound will not kill him, and 2) He is not holding his weapon in an offensive position or a defensive position. He is merely traveling with it. He does not feel like he has to walk/travel life's paths with his "fists" up. However hard life has been on him, he has not become a mean or defensive person. He may be a little scared and a little hurt, but he's not going to act out because of it. He has a gentle spirit.