Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I've known her all along
watching over me
white-tail feather-wing

she is the center of this place:
deep inside of me
a living shadow
an infinite bloom
a mystery

perched, motionless
sitting in a dream
I feel her glare slip over me
drowning in her breath
a lucid aspiration

she wraps her wings around me
I carve out her eyes
glorious red globes
I swallow them whole
embed her inside of me

I've known her all along
hovering over me
in motionless sleep
she is a mystery

I wrote a poem after listening to a song about an owl-girl that felt a little incomplete to me. So, this is in the spirit of song writing.


  1. wow...fascinating...her in you, surrounding you with her wings...carving her eyes out to swallow them....quite vivid...an owl girl...quite fascinating...i wonder at the name of the song you played off of...

  2. Who better to share the mysteries of life than with an owl. I think the secret of life is to have a part of you that does not grow up for then you will always be delighted with it. (P.S. I am so glad to see you blogging again).