Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One Small Change while welcoming in the New Year

I recently discovered a beautiful challenge. An idea which is quickly inspiring a growing community that is moving toward creative and ecological change. One Small Change. Hip Mountain Mama and her idea for bloggers to make one sustainable lifestyle change each month until Earth Day. Fabulous. Count me in! Without any hesitation, I've accepted this challenge with a goal of only using cloth diapers for my tiniest boy. We have used cloth regularly, yet I have used disposables, out of convenience, here and there. I am quickly realizing that there is nothing convenient about disposables. The argument supporting cloth diapers, in my opinion, is clearly more sustainable, comfortable, and convenient. Considering the approximation of five million tons of untreated waste being deposited into landfills by means of disposables, every year and when thinking about the chemical used to make disposables adsorbent, sodium polyacrylate, I clearly feel that my one small change needs to start here!

Cloth diapers have supported little ones on their early flight since the dawn of time. Thanks, Hip Mountain Mama, for supporting our change!


  1. Thanks for joining the challenge. I agree with your thoughts on CD being more sustainable, comfortable, and convenient! Way to go!