Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunday Scribblings: Milestone

Govinda walks!
He is the last one to go. This I know, I've spoken to the Universe about it, I know. This one has held on the longest. Siddhartha strolled away at eight and a half months, tiny and trotting. Sahaj wandered off at ten months, still yet straying. Judah cruised through the door at one year, tough and trampling! Govinda, a spider monkey, wrapped his legs around me for so long. And now, he must go.

He was most anxious, when saying goodbye to his womb-home yet not so eager to go, away from my hip. He saddled my waist, in a hand made sling, until I started to sway in one direction from his weight. Our biggest boy. These days, he sleeps all alone. Except for the shadows and the glow. And an everlasting flame. I wonder when he will become content with a simple kiss goodnight and a story to go.
Oh dear, Govinda. Looks like you are on the go!


  1. thank you for sharing this milestone in your family's life - its lovely :)

  2. sleeps alone in YOUR bed though, right?
    he's still a spider monkey.
    go govi go!

  3. Phew, dead good! they say if you can take six steps, then you can walk!

  4. What a lion cub! Away from the pride he will WANDER and become what is held in his shimmering eyes and illuminating smile. A boy's first step in becoming what he will seek. Lovely!

  5. Every little triumph is mixed with a little sadness as your children becomes independent. Congratulations to all six of you on your achievements.

  6. One small step that really is a giant leap.