Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eight is Great!

Today, I have an eight year old! It must be a spell of magic, how time slips away. Eight awe-inspiring, spectacular, and certainly, fulfilling years. Days and years and seasons filled with his wonderful ways:

His old soul wisdom,
his adorable quarks,
his slap-stick humor,
his patient ways,
his sensitive nature.
His comfort,
his control.
He will never know Ego.

Sometimes I crave a bite of his reality, just to ingest it for a small bit. My first dread-head, may he forever be lost in his articulate world.

Happy Birthday, Siddhartha!
Siddie, at age four.


  1. sweet sweet Siddhartha. Happy birthday.

  2. blessings to your first dread! magic and wonder he has brought! truly an INDIGO - he teaches by merely existing.