Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet Treats and Stuffed ♥'s

I cherish the love in our home.
In this season, we look forward to the celebration of all things sweet and lovely.
In our house, it is a moment for the monsters to go away; a moment for the noise to start a angelic whisper; a moment for a little boy to ask cupid for a hand to hold.
A day full of whistling I Love You's and glossy hearts. Blowing kisses in the air. Folding pink paper, enjoying the curve and its symmetry. Finding fairy goblets while the tulips bloom.

The sweet aromas of romance.

The boys are quick to find the prettiest treasure, throughout the house and about.

Goodbye to a silent Winter, I hope for the sugary scent of Spring. I create in the warmth of peach and pink.

Lavender. Lilac. A fuzzy felt heart.

Everlasting smooches!

'Yarn'ing hearts.

Swimming in candy-coats.

A little I Love You.

I couldn't ask for a more heart-filled way to celebrate this day.

I hope that your day is filled with honeyed Hello's and sugarcoated kisses.
Happy Valentine's Day.

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