Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Little Lion turns Seven!

Birthday Wishes

Born under Jah's blessed light, he's simply the softest baby I've yet to know. Sahaj Jahson Sharma, his ember puppy-dog eyes, irresistibly luscious lashes, each blink allowing fireflies to roam.

Born on one of the sunniest days of the year, our first home-birth, Sahaj means natural. He's yogic, ayurvedic, and kind. He lets me put beads and braids in his dreadlock trend.

Stung by so many bees, he never wishes them harm. He is one that truly lives, faithful and hopeful. Pure and wise.

A lover of creature: amphibian, that big dolphin, the ones that are brilliant with wings, and especially, those prehistoric guys.

Easily a favorite. The best-est friend to have. Speckled fairies grant him gifts, wicked gnomies steal his many treasures.

Wishing the happiest birthday to my liOn-heart...Tribe would be nothing without you.

Seven years ago today. Sunshine will never allow a brighter gift, happy birthday my darling son.

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  1. Yes, and I feel so very blessed to know him. Happy Birthday to the bee whisperer, the soft spoken explorer, the gentlest lion.