Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Ireland Day

It's a ritual day. Saint Patrick's. Not such a Happy way.
"Driving the snakes out of Ireland", would he know that they
would not stay away?
It's a Druid deal. Heathen, some would say.
Ancestral traditions, indigenous religions;
pour out offerings, speak Their names, tell Their stories.
Morrigan, Lugh, Eiru, Manannan mac Lir.
Worship restored; let Them know that you have not forgotten.
And do celebrate in this glorious restoration.
Pour a little whiskey in your tea!
Barley, coffee, or cream. Uisce beatha, "water for life".
Irish moonshine, Irish mist, little magic monsters, and an old Leprechaun's kiss.
Celtic's Brew, Ireland's Ale, or a classic Extra Stout, whatever your style may be, celebrate for the struggle of spirits.
A pint and a pinch.
Wear your knotwork today and rejoice in an old Irish way.
Happy Saint Paddy's Day!

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