Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunday Scribblings: Big

The Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is big.

The recent 8.9 earthquake off the coast of Japan spawned a massive tsunami, destroying towns, swallowing cities, and leaving hundreds of people to find a way to say goodbye to loved ones.

A shallow sense of reality,

in a life so fragile.

Within our safe havens, upon this planet, we drift though days, we dance in celebration, we tuck our babies to bed. We make New Year's resolutions, we save up for rainy days, we make financial investments. We upgrade our vehicles. We throw away dreams, we wash our hands of messes, we pray for better days, we follow a path, we make our own destinies. How often do we slow down to recognize a bigger plot? Our consumption, our chaos, our necessary chores.
As we continue our endless cycle, Earth itself cycles through her days leaving us, at times, empty and idle. Leaving us to accept our fates, asking us to allow her her own determined course.


  1. I love how you drew us out to the bigger picture - first with your images and then your words..we stop and think too rarely..(I love the photo on your blog banner warming) Jae

  2. what a powerful reflection..
    this is Big indeed.

  3. Really well put together, these thoughts, philosophies and truths.
    here's my shot:

  4. SUPER post! Lots to think about.
    This is my first and certainly not my last visit. I look forward to more.