Saturday, October 20, 2012


Half moon,
contrasting bloom
illuminating existence
in all things
the great still light
begins to weep
out of its drowsy sleep

New moon,
where she cradles
in the depth of bloom
between Earth and sun
silent white cinnamon pea
silver star 
scatters gold across the sea

Full moon,
aligned in celestial spirit
her shadowed speck
hidden from sight
a sound out of space
delicate feet, flowering light
the goddess of night

Written for dVerse Poets, where Mary is hosting Poetics on time and phase. 


  1. This is beautiful, Archna. The cyles of the moon repeat over and over. You described three 'faces' of them beautifully. The continuity and beauty and predictability of the passage of time!

  2. nice...really cool way to use the cycles of the moon ...that second stanza is just magic....and the sounds of space, delicate feet....ha...really nice piece...

    and great to see you...

  3. beautiful Archana, you have your own style.....the way you see things....loved this.....

  4. cool on using the moon cycles as an image for the passing of time..a bit magical and dreamy and white cinnamon...i like..

  5. "Drowsy sleep", "Cinnamon Pea", and "Delicate feet". The magic of your writing teases us with such descriptions and I am pleased to be drunk with your writing when you entice me this way.

  6. Beautiful! The descriptive words bring the poem to life. SO vivid! Excellent!

  7. Wonderful piece ... loved the narrative here !!!

  8. Something has always drawn me to the moon, the sea, the sky. But, the moon is so mystical, magical. This captures its mystery, perfectly.

  9. I really like the cycles of the moon, beautiful description at each stages ~ That last stanza is particularly striking ~

  10. Terrific take on the theme. I hadn't considered this approach to aging, waxing, waning. Very original.

  11. GREETINGS, EARTHLING!!! While I can’t stay in this existence finite for long, gotta run back to the Elysian Fields soon, I’d like muchly to givest unto thee, fairest liege, the whole gamut of wisdom and knowledge bestowed upon this sinfull mortal by the GoodGod; yes, it is I who bespeaketh, for I only have 77ish-odd-years to live. So, take anything and everything you so desire -if- I can but nekk with you and/or kiss your adorable, gorgeous feets in the Great Beyond. Cool? Get back with me Upstairs, k? God bless you, doll. Meet me beyond the clouds to see ya in Heaven, girl. Love you …