Monday, October 1, 2012


The heart
is a hungry casket
soundless quivering
swallowing and spitting
like the mouth
of the Aegean Sea

In the unlit place
among the ripeness
of fruit trees
I find her looking at me,
wearing bracelets
made by thieves

Out of the gap of night
a phantom crawls near,
amidst reality,
a song is heard
of a world
sound and clear

She puts my fingers against
the red lantern light
a spider sprays silk
sound, doubling in richness
brought through the wind
to the ear that listens

Water lapsing
internal crevasse, vibrations
twine tightly around our cells
afraid to relinquish
the depth beyond
our pillared self

She sits with her fingers
around an empty chalice
I look through the red
and the pink
and the pale, to find
the troubling thing

I watch her
spit her blood, white
into the cup
the sugar at the rim
transcends our shell
back(ward) towards light

Beads spill from her chest
whirling in sentiment
a circle, edges
the chatter of sound

I find the thing
inside her, canker curse
terror scourge and rot
she askes me
to peel it
apart from her heart

Inspired by Shawna's Prompt Words
Sharing at dVerse Poets, Open Link Night


  1. This was so powerful ... you have really mastered the art ... well written Archna !!!

  2. whew....intense imagery throughout....and really nice story telling...some really cool like breaks too...her blood, white...the peeling of the canker from her heart....the little details as well as you walk us through the scene are really cool...

  3. It is strange that all the bewildering images and the fear that encountering the old woman brings is somehow eased by her need for help. But strangest of all is the unfamiliar pairing of words in the poem that add to its mysticism. A delight to read as usual.

  4. Oh my word. This is absolutely gorgeous. Such vivid, vast imagery here.
    This line is my favorite:

    "In the unlit place
    among the ripeness
    of fruit trees
    I find her looking at me,
    wearing bracelets
    made by thieves"

    This could be a meaningful line from a beautiful, haunting song...

  5. "The heart is a hungry casket" ... Oh my. This is gripping. Love is the cruelest death.

    Ooh, I love this: "In the unlit place among the ripeness" ... And these:

    "amidst reality, a song is heard of a world sound and clear"

    "brought through the wind to the ear that listens" ... As if we had a choice. If only!

    I keep thinking I've found my favorite part, but then you prove me wrong with something even better:

    "I look through the red and the pink and the pale, to find the troubling thing"

    "I watch her spit her blood, white into the cup the sugar at the rim transcends our shell"

    Okay, so I'm quoting the whole thing and feeling ridiculous. But it's that good, girl!

    "she askes me to peel it apart from her heart" And did you?

    I just adore that all your work hinges on the belief of magic and other worlds. ... I love that you go back to the fruit trees when you say "peel it out." I think she has drunk some sort of poison (a metaphor), and its curse is killing her. She may or may not want to live, but she does want relief. Is she vacillating between suicide and survival? Is this a love or heartbreak she simply cannot bear? And who are you that you might help her?

  6. Just an excellent, haunting piece--every image is frighteningly clear, yet shrouded with mystery. Enjoyed it very much.

  7. I just LOVE a cyclical poem...ending where you began and your opening is really very the use of the visual, "swallowing and spitting
    like the mouth
    of the Aegean Sea"

    This entire piece is rich in imagery...well done Archna!

  8. Yes, this is a very powerful poem - I love the beginning and close especially. k.

  9. Intense write..great imagery. Just wonderful.

  10. Stunning opening lines...I was drawn to the details, bracelets made by thieves, whirling in sentiment...and ending lines, powerful and weaving back to the first stanza ~

  11. always have such rich and intense images that carry us through your poems like on a walk with unexpected things crossing our way

  12. I like your poetry. I think it is siiiiiiick
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  13. Stuff of folklore, love it! Dark and magical, yep love it.

  14. Mystical, magical, dark and light. It's all there in this. What can I add that hasn't already been said. Brilliant!

  15. aloha Archna - winding and weaving - i like the way your words flow translucent and intertwining until you've built a sense of what is happening and in that last moment against "canker curse terror scourge and rot" - there is an inner will you show us with the request. i like that. because that is the spark of will that burns in the hope of life - to me. good on that (imo). aloha.

  16. Mystery and magic can surely be tragic, but weaved so well that it turned out swell. Hate canker sores too, that just popped in as I read the last bit, no relevance haha

  17. "The heart is a hungry casket..." I love that! Your words are so powerful, and moving!

  18. Intense write, layered with amazing imagery. Your blog is a welcomed new discovery for me.