Sunday, April 7, 2013

On Love and Friendship

Love lives without any false illusion. It sees the value of friendship,
expects no reward. It is conscious of fault and failure and is accepting
of all consequences.

Blind and abandoned, time passes on, memories loosen, life somehow
darkens, yet love gathers mass, holds itself together; irrepressible,
sustaining. Love is a duty, the essence of every human spirit.


  1. love is a duty, the essence of human spirit. seeks no reward...something to strive toward daily

  2. This is so different from your normal glow. There is a sadness in it for all the truisms you refer to. Love is beautiful, it is comforting both for the giver as for the receiver and implies a trust that needs no words to reinforce it. Love also forgives as it comes from a big heart.

  3. Love is a duty, and expectation too :-)

  4. Beautiful! This describes agape love perfectly. So nice to read your poetry again!

  5. This is beautiful!!! I just love "Love is a duty, the essence of every human spirit." Lovely!