Sunday, March 10, 2013

Milk and Honey

I have killed myself, sweetly
bare around the throat
stained with dried cherry

Her long body, eaten thin
mouthful of plump berries
licking the corners of a candied moon
velvet moist, peeling apart a tender crust

When he is with me, delicate white
sour sweet, pouring
over a blood clot night

Silk cotton hour casts a shadow of empty morning
I foam to the top of the cup
Our moment full of sugar washes to the shore
where he once served me, warm milk and honey

*Written for the Sunday Mini-Challenge at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads,
where Grace is hosting a day in the kitchen.


  1. yowza, what a moment. i love this, especially "blood clot night" and the sugar moment washing to the shore. wow.

  2. dang...what a feel in this...great intentional use of words...the blood clot night, long body eaten thin...the killing of sets up a really nice close though...

  3. From the opening line to the end, wow to the piece ~ A lot of meaning & emotions to the relationship ~ Specially like second stanza- eaten thin, eating a mouthful of berries, candied moon ~

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work at Real Toads ~

    Wishing you Happy Sunday ~


  4. "Our moment full of sugar washes to the shore
    where he once served me, warm milk and honey" Superb ... this one is awesome !!!

  5. Silk cotton hour... so many nice word combinations!

  6. Our moment full of sugar washes to the shore
    where he once served me, warm milk and honey
    I love it! Beautiful!

  7. "licking the corners of a candied moon"!
    This is beautiful.

  8. Wow! Such a powerful flow of the most feral, most basic, most instinctual of feelings. Erotic, emotional and engaging,all at the same time.

    A beautiful flow of words and imagery, building up to a searing climax and a soothing end.

  9. I originally read your poem but skipped over it because I could not get anything out of it.
    You were kind enough to comment on my silly poem, so I have visited again.
    I read the comments, and as usual, they don't help me either.
    The use of words is strong, but that is easy with that vocabulary.
    But I can't see a metaphor, a focus or coherent ideas.
    But I must tell you, I am a poetic idiot in many ways. So I will tell you my only impression.
    First I thought it might be two dead lovers in the grave, described using food and gore. And one of those lovers committed suicide.

    Can you help me out more?

  10. that first line - wow! Pulled me in right from the start!

  11. So sensually expressed...filling in image and I love this:

    "licking the corners of a candied moon"

    I just love that you arrive...full circle with your last line and title.

    So good to read you again!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment @ my blog!

  12. It is always a delight to visit and succumb to your words mysteriously sensual and tantalizingly out of reach.

  13. what an awesome imagination!!GOD<3U