Friday, September 19, 2014



I remember a night, awake
in the middle of a string of pearly dreams:

A deer stood at the foot of my bed
Her eyes were liquid white
and her mouth, spoiled with red

She pulled at the layers of thin white sheets
“Follow me through the moonlight,”
her speckled form
weaving in and out of sight

I slipped out of my gown,
my skin was cellophane
Through the astral night,
we ran lucid like rain

Beneath a sky where stars are strung in lace,
hours held together by a set of invisible rings,
Bare underneath a cotton-cream moon,
she fed me a feast:
white cedar, tea rose, English yew
I ate hollyhock petals and picked the buds of roses
I watched her devour,
basil with licorice tips

We capered across the meadow;
covered ourselves in mint,
and at the bed of a shallow stream,
we slipped right in

The water was full of jewels;
we swam in its belly
and drank from its mouth
The cry of a woken wolf
hovered across the wind
she slid her fingers across my skin

In a cool pool of water,
the wind and the air and the wave
pulled in tight

The sky pressed against our playful thoughts
each moment began to lose its formative structure:
splitting into dancing particles,
twirling in and out of reach,
spinning out of shape

And when the strings broke loose,
the first glimpse of dawn swallowed the night,
sealed it away in a capsule, held together
by the ripe scent of twilight

I woke in the morning,
when snow-in-the-summers
sparkles with dew,
In my room, the air began to melt
my skin, covered in leaves of thistle and mint
my hair, damp and blue

The silver silhouette of the moon
peered its weary head into my window

I stretched my liquid limps,
covered in a thick film of
sea and star and sand,
and carefully pulled
a string of soft, white petals
out of my mouth

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  1. How I have missed your writing for so many months. Your words are magic and I savor each one with delight.