Saturday, September 20, 2014


It doesn't happen very often, but occasionally some days turn out to be absolutely perfect. Usually Aaron works on Saturdays, so Saturdays never feel saturday enough for me. This one was different.

In the morning, there was coffee and cartoons and shared laughter. And then we were off to the library together and back home with comics and novels and board books. Music and reading and resting, all together. And when the whole house was as mellow as milk, I found time to write.

It began as a story with cakes and children and quickly manifested into a strange tale of horror. With English manners and American violence. I found solace in all of its bitter sweetness as devoted writing time is hard to find in this house.

Here is an except of Fairy Cakes, a short story that I hope to linger with in the next few days:

When I was eight years old, I went to a party where I had no friends. All the children there were grim and green, full of ice and too much sugar. Their parents were friends of my parents. My mother mingled with long, slender women holding golden-spritz champagne in white-satin gloves and my father smoked BBMF cigars with a chain of distinguished men; the acronym stood for Big Bad Mother Fucker, and if you saw them, that is what you would call them. I was sent off to play with my friends.  
The green children sat at tables lined with red and white checkered cloth. The tables were filled with cream colored porcelain dishes. Tall glasses held mint lemonade and sweet peach teas. Sponge platters turned right-side up with the sponge batter, layered in a sticky white glaze, turned upside down. Strawberries swam in small tarts and black, blue berries sat fat on top. The children licked their fingertips and used their collars to wipe their mouths. The tips of their noses crawled upwards when I walked past them.
It doesn't always turn out this sweet, but when it does, it must be Saturday. And this one is worth spilling into a capsule. Happy Saturday!!


  1. Your children will be influenced by the imagery of your writing and hopefully there will be a poet or story teller among them that will be as creative as you are.

  2. Such an intriguing story ~ Hey, lovely to read you again ~ Hope you are well ~


  3. Ooh so good to read your magical words again...i am glad you had the courage to walk past the green children...i think it made you magical and special and free to gather up delicious words and images...which sustain us far better than cake and sugar

  4. interesting...i def want to read more of this i hope you get some writing time....sounds like a good saturday to me...just got back from a few weeks offline to refresh...i need to get some story time going...2 more weeks of grad school...oy...

  5. "when the whole house was as mellow as milk"
    "the green children"

    Love these descriptions. :)

  6. I love Saturdays like that. My husband has to work a lot of Saturdays, too. I think maybe the good thing about that is that it makes you really appreciate the ones when he's home. :-)

    I hope you've had more time to work on this, and that you'll share it with us.