Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Lotus Girl

All the reasons to love Haile:

because she has been known to throw the most Hatter party

because she is so much boy

except for her kiss, which always takes me back to youthful days, 
where everything tasted like lemon-drop lollies

because she is a girl, and that means she is strong

because she resembles all the colors of Fall

because her eyes were plucked from an owl

because she is Nalini, who sits on a Lotus,
and the goddess Gayatri gave her to me

Happy birthday, Nalini Haile, the universe couldn't have picked a more beautiful flower.


  1. It is beautiful to see how beautiful all your family are to you. You express that love so well.

  2. I am completely mesmerized by this post. The hatter party, the eyes of an owl, the gift of Gayatri. You have a hypnotic soul, and I'm blessed to have encountered you, your words, and your energy.

  3. some lovely owl eyes....and i love a good mad hatter party too...
    i hope that she had a most marvelous birthday....