Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Blog Award

I recently received a lovely little acknowledgement from two wonderful blogger friends who feel that my space here is creative. The Kreativ Blogger Award was passed along to me by Jen at Crafting Magic, a YA fantasy author who fills her space with book reviews, her experience teaching, beautiful travel photos, and her lovely words and by Danielle at Sweet Tea Reads who shares with us her fiction, her sweet recipes, and her furry friends. Thanks so much!

The rules of accepting this award are as follows:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you!

2. Share ten little known things about yourself.

3. Nominate six other bloggers for the award and inform them of their win... Fun!

So, here are my ten:
1. I was born on an island and I don't know how to swim.

2. My mother accompanied me when I asked to get my first tattoo, a spiritual symbol of sound.

3. I chose to eat vegetarian at age seventeen and then vegan, which I couldn't stick with, I need real cheese.

4. Wind chimes are both comforting and creepy.

5. Nothing more terrifying to me than a snake.

6. After high school, I made coffee for doctors.

7. I met my husband and married before finishing college.

8. I treasure my collection of comic books.

9. My favorite movies are the ones that steal your calm and stick to your nerves.

10. I write best when Earth is slightly damp.

And, here is the best part, choosing six blogger I love to visit with:
Tricia at the thing with feathers - There isn't a single thing that she couldn't turn into beauty.

Jae at Jae Rose - Where a collection of words force you into places that are often hard to touch.

Debra at DREAM WEAVER - She asks that we consider the important things.

Diana at BABYBEARSHOP confectionery - Her ambition, beautiful and her world, green and organic.

Sreeja at writing on just to write... - Her words are colorful and full of question.

Shawna at rosemary mint -  A gorgeous place for words. She suggests word prompts, for example, giving a list and asking you to do things such as: "Rub the words between your fingers, and see which ones leave a mark on your skin. Then use them to write a poem." Adore.

To Jen and Danielle, merci merci!      


  1. Yay - and thank you Archna..I am not good at tecchie things...this is my third attempt at posting this comment...

    1. I have a tattoo. i went alone. the tattooist was called Wes.
    2. I once drove a stolen car.
    3. I have never made coffee for a doctor. Any former nurse will furnish you with the correct reply to such a request.
    4. I find the Kardashians amusing.
    5. I have five pairs of shoes
    6. And six piercings.
    7. I have not met my husband. or my wife.
    8. I spent winter in Ohio.
    9. I love more than I hate.
    10. I write best when prompted.

    Favourite bloggers - Kim Nelson Writes..Ann PinoFiction Writer..Dee@Thoughts Have Wings..Annell@ @ Soul Speak..and VL Sheriden..amongst others who have crept into those dark places with open minds..and hearts..

    (apologies for lack of web page references..i will try to figure it out)..


    1. Jae, no apologies! I love the way you do things and I cherish your thoughts.

      Wow, more piercings than shoes, that's totally cool! I love number nine! :)

  2. Thank you so much! I added this award and a link to your blog to my "About" page. I LOVE your ten facts. You fascinate me. I'm going to stalk you now.

    1. Thank you, Shawna! Your space is charming and I hope to write with some of your prompted words. Definitely visiting you soon!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

    Snakes terrify me, too. I don't even like thinking about them...

    1. Dana, I feel the same quiver simply with the thought. :)

  4. I totally agree with you about snakes; seeing one reduces me to a terrified, sobbing mess.

    I'm looking forward to checking out your picks for the award.

    1. Ha, I love the way you put that!

      They are all talented women, I hope you do visit!!

  5. Hey Archana thank you so much. I am honored. Ok but what should I do now..sorry but I am clueless...your ten points there made your picture more clear. the tenth one is something touched me, but for snakes ...I love to watch them, yea but I am scared too even then they are fascinating......pls tell me what should I do now.....keep in touch...

    1. Hi there! I'm happy that you stopped by! This is just a simple blog award passed on from one blogger to another. If you wish, you may write a post accepting the award and carry on the badge(I simply copied what people before me did, Jen and Danielle). Or you could just respond here. Or if you don't feel like doing anything, just smile big! I just appreciate highlighting fellow bloggers by passing on the award. More than anything, I would love to stay in touch. I will visit you soon. :)

  6. I like that I already knew many of these things about you. love.