Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Speckle of Air

Standing in the shadow
of a soaring Paper Birch,
its deciduous wings
freckled with snow,
a little girl cries
I find her straying
her lips are smothered in glue,
the life in her eyes tremble
Behind the closed door
the color is blue
I want to keep her voice
and speak to her of beautiful things
Light has left the sky
my throat swallows my words
I rest my hand on her velvet hair
With scattered wings
I draw a castle in the air
I dampen her mouth with
spit and snow
Her life is cold
and her body is bruised
I tell her a story
where the moon is white
and little people are safe to dance
in the middle of night
Her breath has softened
her heart is slow
The snow fades
from freckle to foe
On her plastic skin
I lay a kiss
The petals in my journal
begin to crack and dry

Written for Three Word Wednesday


  1. I love these lines:

    "its deciduous wings
    freckled with snow"

    "her lips are smothered in glue"

    "I want to keep her voice
    and speak to her of beautiful things"

    "The petals in my journal
    begin to crack and dry"

    This is heartbreaking but so very good. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This was beautiful and sad at the same time. So intrinsic to the trials of womanhood. I've been nursing my operated on foot. But will be blogging once a week starting this Sunday.

    1. I've come by a few times, Debra. I missed you. I hope you are feeling better. :)

      I'm glad that you've put yourself on a writing schedule. I look forward to Sunday!

  3. The petals do dry and crack without kindness.. a few soft words can make them bloom again. Unfortunately it too rare a thing. Beautiful poem

    1. Yes, just a hint of kindness. Yet sometimes, it is too late.

      Thank you.

  4. Heartbreaking, but your words are beautiful.

  5. magnificent and melancholy, heartfelt and heartbreaking, and I especially love the close.

    1. Thank you Michael. And thank you for the melody in words.

  6. Words bring life..and hope..and that little girl heard every word..Jae

    1. Hi you. I know she did and Jae, it's good to talk to these girls sometimes. :)

  7. What a stirring and poignant poem!

  8. intense..very deep emotions that the verse portrays.. each line was build up mightily for the final words.. i take a bow, sincerely, the verse spell bound me. my heart grieved for the little girl. too many praises from me, but that is what i am going through right now.

    anyway, thanks for sharing this. :)

    My take : Humans and Other Animals .

    1. Hi, thanks for your visit. And also, for sharing a bit of your heart.

      I will make my way to your space soon.

  9. very well written archna. keep up the good work !!