Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sunday Scribblings: Wild

I remember a night,
waking up in the middle
A deer stood at the foot of my bed
Her eyes were white
and her mouth, spoiled with red
She asked me to come with her
I stepped out of my gown,
my skin was cellophane, lucid like glass
I slipped into the night with her

Beneath a sky where stars are strung in lace,
we ran through the night
Hours held together by invisible string,
bare underneath a Blue moon
She fed me a feast,
wet roses,
basil with licorice tips

The meadow was ours
We covered ourselves in mint
The water was full of jewels
We swam in its belly
and drank from its mouth
She touched my skin

I woke in the morning
when Snow in the Summers
sparkles with dew
In my room
the air was still melting
My hair was covered in mint
I chewed the petals in my mouth


  1. This is beautiful- I can taste it, smell it, feel it. Good work!

  2. Not only is is beautiful it transports the reader to a world we can only dream of where our only concern is our love for one another whether it be deer or human. Every word you write is filled with such love and the joy that brings.

    1. Yes, a sort of transportation. After I wrote it, I felt like I had celebrated May Day and it was really nice.

  3. How wonderfully sensual..that dream was very real..if not real entirely..almost Arthurian being led into the wood by a deer..Jae

    1. I wouldn't mind waking up and finding myself 'real' in that way. I didn't think about the legend of deer leading men into the woods, but that's right, they have an irresistible lure.

  4. You take the reader on a beautiful journey into the wild. Love it :-)

  5. Sweet...awesome...intriguing...

  6. A magical poem. Just beautiful!

  7. You spun a magical web with your beautiful images. Wonderful job!

  8. This reminds me of the Secret History!

    1. Exactly where I was at in the middle of the poem! I need to keep catching that imagine of the deer that she gave me. Love you!