Monday, June 25, 2012

The Doors of Perception

In the breath of music
this memory lies:

A quarter cafe
south of Nantes
belle ville française
my heart left open in opium eyes

A face, white washed
rolling papers
She asked me to try
the voice on the radio replied

The time when age fell astray
we dye the days in purple haze
she tore a hole through my skin
a pool of rain poured in

From raspberry lips,
a psychedelic smile
I take the trip
where honey drips
The weight of my world
I place on her whole,
yellows and blues, in my mind, true
In this whim of evolution the angelfish swim

I wake in her yogic mist, in the morning
we walk to the market holding roses
I say goodbye to my sweetest tooth
absinthe left in my lungs

Beneath the billow, a pixie cries
I wake the sound, taste the sky
Again, I hope to see the shell
of her doll's eyes

Listening to The Doors and playing with Shawna's words from Midweek Melting and Monday Melting at Rosemary Mint. Adore. 


  1. Very psychedelic with beautiful imagery !! Really enjoyed this glorious poem!!

  2. You did a lovely job with the poem, but I'm wondering, is it about a drug induced trip?

    1. Hi Sherry, thanks. Yes, I think it is. And that drug just might be love. :0)

  3. I love this in a rather psychopathic way. I am tempted to hunt you down and eat you so that your words will be my words and I will then be a poetess.

    Seriously. I am in awe of this delicious bubbling pot of magic. These are my favorites:

    "my heart left open in opium eyes"
    "A face, white washed/rolling papers/She asked me to try"
    "we dye the days in purple haze/she tore a hole through my skin"
    "From raspberry lips,/a psychedelic smile"
    "I place on her whole,/yellows and blues, in my mind"
    "I wake in her yogic mist"
    the whole last stanza

    Gorgeous and fantastic.

    Oh, I'm thinking of a Sheryl Crow song now.

    1. Mmm, that's a delicious song and "she knows exactly how to carry on".

      Thank you for the lovely things you've said here. I used to be scared of mingling online, but I'm happy that there is a way for people to melt together into magic.

      Thanks for this prompt, I'm definitely still here!

  4. "I wake in her yogic mist." I really really like that line. Nice work.

  5. You have an incredible ability to take us into uncharted realms to share the meanderings of your mind and test our very understanding of words and their meaning.

    1. Hi, I'm so happy that you come around and go into those places with me. Thank you for you sweet words.

  6. Wow!!! This just carried me along effortlessly...although I did have the bit of anxiety over the trip ending!!! ;) Very nicely done!!

  7. "wake the sound, taste the sky" comes crashing into "shell of the doll's eye" interesting exploration

  8. she tore a hole through my skin
    a pool of rain poured in...really cool visuals...and def trippy...smiles...i had my days...back in the day...smiles...

  9. reminds me a bit of the Beatles LCD song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, which they fervently denied was all about LSD. LOL
    It does sound like a trip. Very poetically written one though :)

    1. Oh, that's another great song! And I guess it is a trip,'s bold coffee and an occasional IPA for me...and that usually takes my head to the sky. :)

  10. Love is certainly a how you used drugs to speak of love...nice work.

    1. Yes Susie, there is nothing more hypnotic than passion and a love that quenches your thirst. :)

  11. really neat. Love where this took you. Great read