Saturday, April 21, 2012

A to Z: Sons

S for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

S is for Siddhartha and Sahaj

Siddhartha, ten years old is on the right
and Sahaj, eight years old is on the left.

The oldest is our sage and his closest brother,
our lion.

Their early Kuk Sool days.

Siddhartha is the name of the Gautama Buddha, meaning 'one who has accomplished his goals'.
Sahaj, named after a form of yoga-Sahaj Marg Meditation, translates to 'the natural path'.

They share an inseparable friendship. 

Often, their school projects are co-oped. 
Recently, they were a couple of shister salesmen persuading their audience in purchasing 
ridiculous packages through their travel agency.
Everything is humor.
Currently, Siddhartha is Lewis and Sahaj is Clark and they are on an expedition.

Siddhartha's favorite author is Stephen King 
and Sahaj loves Roald Dahl.

If I were given the option of only one word for each son, 
this is what it would be:

Siddhartha: light
Sahaj: heart

Nothing in this world could make me more complete.


  1. I am sure they are both are a shining light in your heart. Thank you so much for sharing your treasures with us.

  2. Like that first picture.
    That intense look.

  3. This post makes me happy. I can see them as giggling shister salesmen. My words: Sid-warmth
    but it's hard to come up with only one. They are both so fantastic. My little nephews. : )