Saturday, April 28, 2012

A to Z:Yuba

Y is for the Yuba River

Our family found home for ourselves a few years back in one of the most beautiful parts of North California. In an old Gold Rush town we are snug amongst the Sierra Nevada Foothills, Tahoe National Forest, and the South Yuba River. In our small town are snowy winters, steep slopes, the Douglas Fir, the Giant Sequoia, and Incense Cedars. The folks are charming, the culture eclectic, and the seasons are brilliant. 

In the summers, the sky is eternal and the people are beautiful.

In winter, the air is crystal and branches drench in moss.

For us, the brightest star is the water in the river.

On the south-folk of the Yuba is Bridgeport, our favorite family spot. The wood-covered bridge is monumental, a historic landmark, served by miners of the north.
 Through the bridge and into the water.

We quickly add a rock circle for whomever is a baby at the time.
Safe and sound you'll stay.

The sun and the spring and the sound.

A sparkling meadow amongst the Firs.

Making mermaid people.

A few fish to catch.

What they call Lagoon Island.

Treasures to take home, some to mask in paint.

And a bunch of boys in watery days.
This summer, a little sister will find her way there, 
as she has only visited in a warm womb bloom.

I hope your summer is colored with lazy sun and spring water fun! 


  1. That looks like such a beautiful place! I wish I could just jump into the pictures!

  2. Hi. I'm visiting through the A-Z challenge, and had an enjoyable time looking through some of your earlier posts. In some ways, your approach to life is very different from mine, but in many more, we are much alike. You have a lovely family, and are living in a beautiful place. Count me in as your newest follower. I look forward to seeing more of the world through your eyes.

    1. Hi, Susan thanks for coming by. I will surely make my way to your blog soon!

  3. What a warm and beautiful post this is, with stunning scenery, and a life for children as it should be.

  4. I've only been as north as SF, but that area looks like paradise. Wonderful pictures. :)

    1. You are missing out on the other half of Cali. You must travel further one day. :)

  5. Your kids are so fortunate to get to play there. That looks like such a beautiful place!

    1. It really is and I think they know!

      Thanks for visiting Danielle.

  6. I've been visited my blog today and said you used to live in Fair Oaks...I grew up in Browns Valley, not to far off from Grass Valley and the Yuba River...I jumped off the cliffs near the Parks Bar bridge as a crazy teenager...Just spent the day in Nevada City last week just to wander around and take in the shops. Have a great Day!!! Laurel

    1. Mmmm, that jewel of a town Nevada City. My kiddos attend a charter school there.

      Then you understand that the Yuba gifts. It calls out to so many of us.

      Thanks for following! I look forward to visiting you again. :)

  7. looks like so much fun

    the river

  8. Hi Archna,
    Good to be here via a to z challenge
    though i joined i stumbled upon half way
    due to an unexpected visit to my native land Kerala
    hopefully can join in the next challenge
    could make many friends here
    happy to join in your blog too
    the pics are superb, if make it little more bigger i think it gives a better look
    thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Philip, thanks for coming by.
      I hope that your trip back home was a positive one.

      I look forward to the challenge next year and hopefully it is a better month for you. Thank you for the advice. Many blessings!

  9. What a beautiful place to vacation in! That water looks so clear! I bet it was just the right temperature to enjoy summer fun with the family!!